After converting the digital CD data to the analog domain with the SyncroDAC converter, the high frequency noise has to be removed from the analog signal. This prevents high frequency noise from the conversion process to reach the pre-amplifier and power-amplifier in the audio system. High Frequency noise will reduce the linearity and resolution of the complete audio system. The linear phase low pass filter will remove the high frequency noise from the analog signal, and will at the same time keep the phase information in the audio signal intact. The LineDriver circuit block is connected after the linear phase filter, and will drive the connected signal cables with a very low output impedance.

The LineDriver circuits have got high output drive current, so any type of signal cables can be used without any loss of quality. LineDriver is using true balanced technology to reduce distortion and preserve highest possible resolution. The Linear Phase LineDriver in the Hegel CD Players have a high current capacity and low output impedance to be able to drive all types of signal cables. Hegel has designed the crucial analog low pass filter and line driver circuits to preserve the highest possible dynamic range free from distortion and noise from the CDs. To be able to design these high performance analog circuit blocks in the best possible way requires a lot of deep technical knowledge in the fields of low noise analog electronics, high frequency analog electronics and advanced circuit board layout techniques.

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