The USB connector found on Hegel amplifiers and digital to analogue converters opens a whole new world for music and movie lovers. This functionality allows you to easily connect your Hegel product to any computer with a reasonably new Windows or Mac Os operating system installed. The most common Linux systems will also work. The Hegel USB technology is actually a computer sound card, or audio controller if you like. With the Hegel product connected, all sounds usually played through your computer will now be played through the Hegel. This means that, unlike let's say a music streamer, a Hegel DAC will not only play your music files, but also any sounds that come out of the computer, including Youtube videos or Skype chats.

What can it play? The Hegel will, when connected take over all sounds. This means you can play music, video, computer games, internet radio or hear the occasional "ding" when you press and hold the Windows ANY-key for too long. Everything with superb Hegel sound. The major benefit is noise reduction. Inside a computer you have all kinds of noise generating equipment. And especially the very low-gain analogue signal is very exposed to noise inside a computer. So just moving the sound card out of the computer gives a real benefit. So what is so special about the Hegel sound card? Well, it is not like computer manufacturers have not tried to do their best for years. And many of our competitors have tried doing great separate sound cards too, these last couple of years. The special thing with Hegel is that we do real life experiments. For example we found that the DAC-chip it self only had limited importance. The implementation of it, however, had a major impact on the sound. Compared to any other external USB sound card you will find the Hegel more quiet, more dynamic and with less distortion.

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